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Thank you for visiting Prabhat - a non-profit organization in Spain to promote and support educational and developmental efforts in the forgotten parts of India.

Prabhat is a hindi word, derived from Sanskrit, meaning early morning. The name of our organization represents the spirit behind its formation, a new beginning. In the fast race of economic development, many parts of India are left without any hope. They are forgotten and asking for change to get an opportunity. We wish to make a new beginning towards improving the level and spread of education and information in marginalised India.

Indian government has mention in Universal Education policy document: ´┐ŻEducation is the backbone of national development and is widely accepted as an instrument of social change´┐Ż. We believe that lack of education is at the root of several problems afflicting Indian society. We at Prabhat believe that it is a serious impediment to development and improvement in quality of life. Prabhat aims to make a positive difference in this area.

Prabhat wants to direct its efforts towards meaningful and sustainable improvements instead of temporary relief. We aim to enable and empower people to improve their lives and conditions. Therefore projects and activities supported by Prabhat are focused on planned human and social development instead of random charity.

Prabhat works by collecting funds through personal, government agencies and corporate contributions, and channelising them to support efforts in India which are in line with its mission. Contributions made to Prabhat are tax exempt in Spain and Europe.


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