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Virtual tour of Pojh Diario de Jackie from her visit to Pojh (2006)

Pojh is a small village cluster in the state of Bihar. There are about 500 families comprising about 2000 people in this village cluster. This village cluster is on the north-east border of Nalanda district adjoining Patna and Sheikhpura districts. It has been neglected since long due to little political significance in cast ridden politics of this state.

The literacy rate in Pojh cluster is approximately 30% and varies widely from household to household. Because of its mixed population, literacy levels vary among the various social groups/castes depending upon education and socioeconomic status. The basic enterprise of the village is substantive agriculture and small animal farm. There is no basic structural planning for the village and most of the houses are clustered around main families of the village. The land holding is also very small which keep on dividing generation after generation. No effort has been made for land reform or reconsolidation of land. Agriculture is a subsistence enterprise in this village which has resulted in large migration in recent years.

The village lack basic infrastructure and most of it has been done without planning. The better-off part of the village has bricked street and open drainage in one side of village street. However situation change in the poor part of the village where drainage run on soiled street. This situation create a very unhygienic condition for the residents. Situation gets worse in rainy season when water level raise around the village and mix with wastewater. The streets get flooded with wastewater and people have to cross the wastewater ponds to go out of village. Most of the household has no toilets and its general practice to go in nearby field for toilet. Which again create a very unhealthy environment for the village.

The village wastewater and human waste get mixed with water which pollute the groundwater and are source of most of waterborne diseases. Each year there are many death or sever illness due to these diseases. Lot of their time and money get wasted in caring and recovering.

There is no health centre in the village and for everything they have to dependent on nearby town. There is government doctor assigned for this village but due to lack of health centre, they never visit this village. There is one person who often provide basic medical facility to the village people for which he charge some money. However he is not a trained practitioner.


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