Feb 18, 2018



Profile of Bihar


Bihar is one of the largest (3rd largest by population and 12th largest in term of geographical size) Indian states in north- eastern part of India bounded by Nepal in north. With river Ganges flowing through this state, it is divided into two stunningly different physical regions - the northern fertile plains and the southern mineral rich Chotanagpur plateau.
Historically Bihar was known as Magadha and was a centre of power, learning and culture in ancient India. From Magadha arose India’s first empire, the Maurya which unified large parts of south Asia under a central rule. Its capital, earlier known as Pataliputra was an important centre of ancient human civilisation. Bihar has many interesting tour destinations and is famous as a pilgrimage place. With its close association to the Buddha's life, it has come to be known as the "Buddhist Circuit". The name 'Bihar' is derived from 'vihara', meaning Buddhist monastery. Apart from Buddhism, it is also a sacred place for Jains and Hindus.

Problem: “If Bihar was a country it would be the 12th most populous and the 10th poorest. It is a challenge,” Douglas Alexander, the international development secretary, UK (Guardian, 18th Nov 2008)


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