Mar 18, 2018




Please make your check payable to "Asociacion Prabhat " and send it to the following address:

Associación Prabhat
C. Mas dels Cups nº 3 esc. A B. 2ª
43130 Urb. Sant Ramón, TARRAGONA.
  • Your money is used for its stated purpose. Collection of fund is generally target based. For day to day running of its operations, members of association collaborate or volunteer in cash and works. Officers and volunteers of Prabhat do not receive any remuneration for their work.
  • Association is very careful in selecting genuine projects and activities towards which your contribution will be used. The projects are formulated on the basis of objectives and implemented with its guiding principles. Prabhat actively monitors the projects and activities it supports to ensure appropriate usage of funds.
  • We are committed to transparency of operations. We frequently publish the details of supported projects and activities on our web site. We can also provide our contributors an overview of our funds utilization upon request.


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