Mar 18, 2018




In collaboration with the URV Solidario (University of Tarragona, Spain):

  • Education project: “Petits Budes” (a school’s project in Pojh, a village from India).
  • Sanitation project: sewer construction and toilets buildings in the village of Pojh, India.
  • Alternative energy project: biogas (generation of biogas used as fuel from the animal biomas).
  • The health centre project: building a health centre and providing the necessary equipment in Pojh, India.
  • Ecotourism project: A trip with the association and discover the nature of Bihar. A unique experience which will allow you to discover the authenticity of a real Indian village and the surroundings full of life that once attracted Budha. He discovred supreme gyana and made his home for rest of life.

In collaboration with our members and others:

  • Petits Budes Project: The running of the school (the teacher’s salary, school’s equipment and support to de students) in a long-term agenda and by the association.
  • Rural health service Project: to offer basic sanitary service and health and hygiene education.

In collaboration with Prabhat-India Association:

  • Ecologic project: to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants in Pojh, India.

Future projects:

Sports project:

  • To build a swimming pool. There is a good- sized pond in front of the school with good potential for a swimming pool.
  • To build an open sports ground with a court for different purposes and a football ground.
  • To provide sportive equipment: one net and volleyball balls, badminton equipment, footballs and football net and yoga blankets.


The association is open to collaborate with individual, NGOs, or private body that would like to take part different development projects in the area of Bihar, India.


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In collaboration with URV Solidario

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