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Eco-cutural tour

Buddha’s Trail: Eco-cultural tour to India

Objective: Understand the importance of community based rural tourism as a means of supporting local economy, protecting the environment and providing tourists with a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and interaction with community.

The trip will give you a unique opportunity to:

  1. Enjoy the hinterland of India which is away from fast growing industrial India. Fertile plain of mighty river Ganges, beautiful forested mountains, waterfall, rare birds, animals and flowers. Land where once upon Buddha lived and was centre of great Indian civilization; follow his trails in rural part of Bihar.
  2. Get involve with the work of Asso. Prabhat.
  3. Learn about the social-cultural aspects of main land of India.

What will the programme include?

  • Visits and talks to enable you to gain an understanding of the problems of this area. Dark Africa exists in the bright India. See another face of developing India.
  • A five day stay in the village giving you an opportunity to participate in the daily life of the community and understand social structure of India (can answer question like why caste system has been created etc).
  • Buddha’s trails: A land so fertile to enlighten Buddha and Mahavira, given first great universities in recorded history and now living in the dark age of illiteracy and poverty. A trip to some of world famous historic places gives you understanding of cycle of civilisation. Visit beautiful mountain, temples, waterfall and scenic beauty of rural India.
  • Other visits and talks will be organised depending on the particular interests of the group.

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